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LANDESK is a software platform that provides solutions for several areas within organizations. This includes: Systems Management, Security Management, Asset Management as well as Process Management.
Products & Features

Service Management
Mobile ITSM
Service Catalog
Reporting and Information
Social ITSM
Integration and Automation
Beyond core ITSM
Systems Management
Discovery and Inventory
Software license Management
Remote Control and Problem Resolution
OS Provisioning and OS Migration
Software Distribution
Alerting and Monitoring
Mac management
Systems Dashboards and Reporting
Power Management
Security Management
Application Control
Security Audit and Compliance
Patch Management
Device and Connection Control
Security Dashboards and Reporting
Data Protection and Encryption
Discovery and Inventory
Antivirus and Anti-malware Protection
Asset Management
B2B data Connectors
Hardware lifecycle
Data Integrity
Software Compliance
Executive Reporting
Mobility Management
Device Management
Enhanced Mobile Application Management (MAM)
Manage all Endpoints in one System
Simple, User-Based Policy Administration
Corporate App Store
Cloud-Based Enterprise Mobility Management
Why TjDeeD
At TjDeeD we have 7 years of experience in deploying and customizing LANDESK implementations within the Middle East. We are also a preferred LANDESK partner in the Middle East and work closely with our clients providing value and customizing the solution to their needs.

We are able to achieve this through our experienced team of developers and system engineers. We have also developed an in-house solution under the name of “TjDeeD Assets” that integrates with LANDESK in order to track all physical assets an organization has. This solution has a BarCode application scanner that can be deployed on a smart phone or tablet PC, adding flexibility and mobility to the platform.

We also take pride in the level of service we provide as we are known for our proactive approach and periodic site visits to our clients where we ensure that the platforms are in optimal condition and being utilized to their maximum potentital.
LANDESK’s solutions are built to optimize a user’s productivity while simplifying the IT related tasks in the background.

To quote LANDESK:
“Make IT so automatic users can do almost anything they need, from any device, without having to ask”
“Make IT so effective that it anticipates user needs and problems while earning its own return”
“Make IT so secure it becomes transparent to users, while protecting your business everywhere”
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 I Need to apply 15 ITIL Process in my organisation.
 I Need to automate software installation and patch management in a bandwidth friendly way.
My team is very busy doing tons of things. I need a tool to manage and provide proactive support.
My service desk tool is not flexible and weak in integration.
I still not able to manage software licenses for Microsoft, adobe, oracle …etc.
 I Need to manage/secure iOS, Android and windows mobile devices.
 I Can't gather updated asset information, PCs, Laptops, Mobiles, Printers, Copiers, Scanners, Servers, Switches, routers or iP enabled devices.
 I Need to know missing patches, security threats, bios configurations or block an application or a usb device.
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