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Why TjdeeD
TjDeeD carries decade's worth of software development experience gained through working on projects ranging from startups to complex enterprise integrations and development. Additionally, we’ve worked in several countries serving government and semi government entities, helping them resolve their challenges through introducing custom made solutions or innovatively integrating several solutions and platforms together, all with the end goal of increasing productivity and efficiency.
1Agile Methodology

2Design UI & UX

3Team Experience


We adopted the Agile Methodology as the standard for our software development projects. This methodology has proven to be effective in producing results in a timely manner as its based on iterative and incremental development cycles.

The concept of this methodology is built on dividing the project into multiple segments (called sprints); each of which could have its own prototype, and each has to have its own Software Development Life Cycle to be delivered and integrated with the prior deliverables. The benefits of using “Agile” are many; including but not limited to: customer satisfaction, frequent software deliverables, and regular reflection and adaptation.

2Design UI & UX
Design is a language, and our aim at TjdeeD Technologies is to provide you with a visually pleasing interface to best communicate your presence, image, message and the services you offer to your target audience. We love to design stunning websites and Apps through crafting innovative designs.
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3Team Experience
With a team of hardworking individuals with extensive experiences in Information Technology, Project Management, Software Design & Development and Business Analysis. We’re located in Jordan and the UAE, and are confident in our abilities to address the challenges you have in your environment. We have worked with startups, SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises), as well as government bodies and large corporations.


Services & Technologies

We specialize in in the following:

1App & Mobile Development

2Web Development

3SharePoint Development


Additionally, we are experienced with the following technologies:

Valued Customers
Our clients are living testimonials to the quality of work and abilities TjDeeD provides.
We are honored to have worked with:
Flexible Support

Once we deploy a platform, we ensure that the functionality for which the platform was implemented is working properly. More specifically:


TjDeeD ensures the system’s stability upon installation and initial configuration
TjDeeD ensures that the platform is performing the needed functionality and that the staff is properly trained on using the platform
TjDeeD ensures that the platform meets its business goals in enhancing productivity.

Moreover, TjDeeD puts in the extra effort to ensure that the end user is satisfied with the new platform in their work environment. This is evident through the rigorous user testing that the platforms undergo in addition to the high level of customization provided by our engineers, all with the aim of providing the users with a great experience.