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IT Automation
IT is the core of productivity in any organization, Tjdeed is working hard with IT teams to leverage IT solutions to enhance team productivity, achieve KPIs and reduce cost to stretch IT budget to encourage innovation internally and with customers

Tjdeed is partnering with the top reputable vendors in the world which are heavily investing in the region such Ivanti, ManageEngine, ESET, Shortpoint and other

Assets Management
Keeping tabs on hardware is challenging for asset managers: IT assets are assigned, reassigned, and moved from one location to another depending on business dynamics. Of IT hardware fixed assets, 30% are missing and can’t be found, and 53% of all data loss and systems downtime is caused by hardware failure.
Knowing what assets you have and where they reside, tracking contracts and regulatory compliance, and gaining visibility into cost of ownership are just the tip of your management iceberg.
The Solution is: Manage Your IT Assets from Purchase to Disposal for Complete Asset Optimization using Ivanti Asset Manager
Product DEMO
Windows 10 Migration
We understand the headache and time wasting for IT teams in migrating systems to WINDOWS 10.
Migrate Thousands of Machines Quickly
Consider a leading healthcare company that migrated 19,000 machines to a new Windows OS. Or a large school system that migrated 40,000 machines across more than 100 schools.
Each of these organizations needed to map and update dozens of apps and drivers to the appropriate users and PCs, plus restore each user's data and settings.
The Solution Is
Ivanti Endpoint Manager, Environment Manager and Data Now All the above solutions will work together to achieve ZERO TOUCH MIGRATION, imagine the speed of your project
Product Demo by TjDeeD Technical Manager
Unified Endpoint Management Features