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ManageEngine simplifies IT management with affordable software that offers the ease of use SMBs need and the powerful features the largest enterprises demand. More than 120,000 companies around the world - including three of every five Fortune 500 companies - trust our products to manage their networks and data centers, business applications, and IT services and security.
Products & Features

Service Management
Incident Management
Asset Management
Problem Management
Change Management
Service Catalog
IT project Management
Purchase and Contract Management
Network Monitoring
Network Configuration Management
Netflow Analyzer
Application Manager
Switch port mapping and IP Address Management
Network Health Monitoring
VoIP Monitoring
VMware & Hyper-V Monitoring
Network Mapping
Data Center Management
Configuration Management Database
Fault and Performance Management
WAN RTT Monitoring
System Health Monitoring
Server Monitoring
Active Directory / Exchange Management
AD Bulk User Management
Bulk Group Management
Computer Management
Set Mailbox Rights
Exchange Mailbox Creation
Active Directory Cleanup
GPO Management
Active Directory Automation
Exchange Audit Reports
Desktop Management
Patch Management
Software Deployment
Mobile Device Management
Asset Management
Remote Control
Power Management
USB Device Management
Why ManageEngine
ManageEngine provides a wide range of features and can solve a variety of challenges faced by IT Teams. This includes:
Fast deployment & configuration in your environment.
Ability to integrate with a large number of third-party platforms.
Email and/or SMS notification for critical incidents in your network infrastructure.
Single platform for managing your IT Team, IT Support, Servers, Application, and Network Infrastructure.
Ability to automate Active Directory management tasks.
Monitor all users interactions with their PCs, shared folders and other users.
Monitor your Microsoft Exchange environment and implemented policies.
Track and diagnose bottlenecks and performance issues on your network.
Manage desktops, laptops and mobile devices.
Built-in support for the Arabic language.
Why TjdeeD
TjDeeD brings years of experience in implementing and customizing ManageEngine platforms. Additionally:
TjDeeD is the exclusive partner for ManageEngine in Jordan as well as a leading solutions implementer in the UAE.
All consultants at TjDeeD’s are bilingual (Arabic & English).
TjDeeD team has more than 5 years of experience in working with different ManageEngine Products and Solutions within the Middle East, which makes us tuned into the IT related challenges unique to the region.
TjDeeD’s developed a solution under the name of “TjDeeD Assets” – a barcode application reader that integrates with ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus.
TjDeeD provides free health check visits periodically to ensure full system utilization.
TjDeeD support is proactive, highly responsive and flexible.
Lets Meet
 I Need very easy to use service desk tool to be enrolled fast in my organization.
 I Need to be notified by email or SMS if any critical event happened in my infrastructure.
 I Need one tool for all IT Team, support, servers, application, and Network team and sure for the management.
 I Need to automate my Active Directory Management tasks, and even delegate to HR.
 I Need to monitor all users interaction with their pcs, users and shared folders.
 I Need to monitor Exchange, mailboxes and their policies.
I dont know where is the bottleneck and slowness in my network.
 I Need to manage desktops, laptops and mobile devices ?
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