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IVANTI Platform
Since 7 years Tjdeed focused on helping many large organizations to achieve their Digital Transformation and Paperless Initiatives especially Government sector, worked with IT/NON-IT department to automate their services and processes which help to transform these organizations to be digital opening doors to enhance teams efficiency , service level and customer satisfaction

Tjdeed mainly rely on using Ivanti Service Manager as a solution for digital transformation and service management, this solutions has three main features helped us to achieve our customers goals:

aWorkflow and Form Designers flexibility


cEasy to use User Interface (UI)

For more information on Ivanti Service Manager, Watch this 2min Video
1Tjdeed Team

Tjdeed has the most talented engineers working on Ivanti Platforms, all engineers are ITIL certified which enable them to apply the best practices for IT Service processes, their long experience in Digital Transformation project will give the best consultations to our customer during project implementations.

2Arabic Interface (Interface Localization)
Tjdeed is the only Ivanti Partner has a well-done Localization (Arabic) Interface , with Right-to-Left feature, enabled all departments especially in the government sector to use the system for NON-IT services and business processes.


3Global Achievements (MVP in Ivanti Global Community)
Tjdeed team are actively contributing in helping Ivanti global community members to solve problems, do configurations and create useful articles, therefore Ivanti recognized Tjdeed Technical Manager, Motaz AlQaisi, as MVP in the community for 3 consecutive years.